UK Department for International Trade United Kingdom

The companies shown here with profiles and logos are supported by the UK government's Department for International Trade.

Joshua Lawrence
LinkedIn logo Senior Market Manager 

Fusion Antibodies United Kingdom

Fusion Antibodies is a UK based biotechnology company that offers a complete range of services covering all stages of therapeutic and diagnostic antibody development– from antibody discovery and humanization, through to stable cell line development.

Richard Buick
LinkedIn logo Chief Technical Officer 
Chris Moriarty
LinkedIn logo Business Development 

Intract Pharma United Kingdom

Intract Pharma Ltd is specialist in delivering drugs orally to optimise clinical efficacy. Intract's technologies incorporated into several clinical stage products, one of which will be marketed in 2018/9.

Dr Bill Lindsay
LinkedIn logo CEO 
Dr Yang Mai
LinkedIn logo Senior Researcher 

Nanomerics Ltd United Kingdom

Prof Ijeoma Uchegbu
LinkedIn logo CSO 

Novintum Bioscience United Kingdom

Novintum Bio is developing innovative therapeutics to tackle resistance and relapse in cancer. These clinical outcomes cause 90% of cancer deaths.

Dr Tim Sparey
LinkedIn logo CEO